How to Survive Bangkok

On the surface Bangkok can be a scary place to arrive to. A burst of hot, stuffy air will welcome you as you step off the plane, people will be hassling you to get in their taxis and then there is the issue of where do you stay?

For the haggling handi-capped, like me, metre taxis are your saviour. Tuk-tuk and un-metred taxis tend to get a bit creative with their prices, which usually led me to dishing out thre times as much then I should. Even for people who are good at haggling, you will usually have ‘tourist’ written all over you and it is rarely a cheaper option. Stick to the colourful taxis, they are prettier anyway.3343973416_781507fccd_b

Where to stay. The next hurdle. If you haven’t heard of Khoasan Road, you soon will. Khoasan Road is the infamous location of the second Hangover film. From lady-boys and ping-pong shows to cheap knock-off stalls and street food (and the old feral cat) it encompasses all the stereo-types. Although I haven’t exactly sold this area, it shouldn’t be scratched off the list. Stay in a hostel, or even cheap hotel, a few blocks away that will give you the perfect mix of excitement and seeing the ‘real’ Bangkok.

Khoasan Road by day



If you are hanging around Bangkok for the weekend and you love a good bargain as much as I, Chatuchak market is the place to be. It is the biggest market in Thailand so it is a good idea to consult a map before you dive in. The market is divided by area, so it is best to know what you want to gain from it before you go because it will determine where you get off the train or bus.


The easiest map of the market to navigate


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