The perfect secret spot in Lourdas, Kefalonia

Lourdas is a small, quaint village on the south coast of Greece’s Kefalonia island. It is situated a little way up a steep hill between the sea and the mountain range.


This village is a rare, untouched gem where Greek values are still prominent and it is only just opening up to tourism.

There are many place in Lourdas to eat and drink in authentic Greek tavernas which overlook the turquoise Mediterranean. Yet as my week exploring the town progressed I certainly found my favourite little hidden spots.

Nestled into the hills lays an understated cafe called Cafe Platanos. The cafe/bar is run by a Welshman who has been lived in Lourdas for 30 years. The landlord, who has great connections with the Romany community, has an unparalleled collection of old sewing machine tables and weighing scales.

The tables and chairs are refurbished from his collection creating a old English meets authentic Greek decor. The view is rich with luscious foliage growing in the valley below and the distant beckoning of the Mediterranean.

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The real delight about this spot is that is boasts 170 different local, regional and international beers. Try a Kefalonian special brew while the crickets serenade you for the grand old price of 3 euros. If beer isn’t your holiday drink of choice, not too worry, you can also get half a pint of wine for the same price!


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